Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

by Linzi Barford

Let us arrange your party for you

An Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party? A Mad Hatters tea party? Let your imagination run wild? Team Purple Zebra were up for the challenge for this 40th Birthday Party held in Nottingham City Centre.

Themed Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations

We created table runners made out of artificial grass, black & white checker boards and Alice in Wonderland book pages. On top of these sat a range of vintage teacups and saucers mostly poured with candles. There were also small jars of retro sweets with ‘Eat me’ labels.

As our featured photo shows you couldn’t not have a rabbit along the tea party. There were teapots too (some pouring out red hearts), old vintage books and multi-coloured butterfly’s!

There was a bespoke cocktail menu, served in a range of eclectic cocktail teapots, including ‘The Mad Hatter”, “The Queen of Hearts” and “The March Hare”. Flamingo topped cocktail sticks and heart decorated straws completed the cocktail menu.

The night continued with a fabulous party. Red hearts hung from the walls with fairy lights and a photo reel.

The team involved were ...

Design, styling and implementation – Team Purple Zebra

Alice in Wonderland cake – Bakezilla Bespoke Cakes

Entertainment – Paul Ace Music

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